Five Star Wholesale meats


Bacon Rashers premium rind less   8.95
Leg ham boneless smoked round/virginian 7.95
KILCOY Beef Sirloin PR 21.95
KILCOY Beef Scotch Fillet PR 31.50
KILCOY Beef Rump 13.75
PORK Belly Skin on or off 12.95
PORK shoulder boned rolled 7.25
PORK fillet large 9.95
PORK fillet small premium single vac pack 11.95
Lamb shanks Forequarter or Hindquarter 9.95
PORK RIBS premium  15.95
Capretto cut or whole South west 19.50
Veal OssoBocco Margaret River 11.95
Lamb Racks Amelia Park cap onFrenched 33.95
Lamb Ribs/flaps bone in  Amelia park 7.95
Leg of LambBoned, rolled and netted 15.45
Chicken Breast Frozen
Fresh vac packed or loose
Chicken Thighs Frozen
Fresh vac packed or loose
Chicken Drumsticks fresh 4.45
Chicken wings fresh 3.20